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Busan and Udo (Jeju)

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With some classmates from 2nd semester and Deban

With some classmates from 2nd semester and Deban

I took a week off school because I was getting bored. So I just decided to just leave Seoul for almost a week. On this mini trip of mine I took the bus to Busan here I met a girl who was traveling with her friend there, we decided to keep in touch and meet up back in Seoul. I stayed a night in Busan before I decided that I wanted to go to Jeju, with no plan what so ever I just went. On the ferry I met 2 other girls that were traveling alone one was Korean the other one English also an other guy from England, we all were traveling with not plan for a few days in Jeju. The guy and I decided to make a plan to travel back to Seoul together that Friday by plane. I decided to go to Udo a little Island outside Jeju, but still Jeju. So it was me and the Korean girl traveling together, think I would have been lost without her. It was a little bit annoying but I managed had fun at least. The place I stayed at here in Udo was very nice the Ajussi talks a little bit of English and it was fun. It was a bit sad to leave Udo but I'm sure I'll be back there some day. Ad for Jeju the main Island I will visit and see more later.

Came back to Seoul on the 1st of June or was it the 2nd? Anyways went back to school when it was a week left it was ok but i needed it to be over. Now the real vacation tarted but it was only for 10 days i was sick for a few days but it was fine then on the 26th i think school started again and a new semester started met new people, came late to class every day. In the beginning I felt like I knew a lot because I took an easier level but I was fun. The 2nd semester ended on the 2nd of september but I had a lot more fun now than my first, why well i met Deban one of my good friends in Korea but actually is from Texas also Yeong Hwan that I met when I first came to Korea and did not speak Korean at all. Oh and Hope I cannot forget her she is my friend but I have never met anyone who complained that much! When me and Deban meet up we become the meanest people in the world, we d bully Hope and other people but we connect on another level than normal people do but then again what is normal?
We once in Seoul took Line 2 all the way around not sure how long it took because I fell asleep, we went to Bucheon for no reason but ended up buying a whole lot of crap, we went to Noraebang and she and Yeong Hwan would drink and I would halfway transalate to Deban what he was saying. Hope would some times come but she is a party pooper. We also climbed the mountain behind the school it was so worth it the view is nice there we met an ajumma, well I talked to her even though my korean is poor, she said it was good, then for some reason she told me not to marry a Korean guy I am beginning to think she is right. Deban was curious, why not she asked me then I told her I didn't know what the ajumma said i just nodded and smiled...haha so funny when I think about it.

When school ended I was in Korea for one more week lived at Deban's new place it was horrible almost dying of the heat, never go to Korea in July damn hot and damp, don't say I didn't warn you! If you ever live in Korea be sure that you will get drama no matter what. The ajumma was right in the end it will be painful in the end when you date a Korean guy or any Koreans for that matter. As for my trip to Korea ends here.

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