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Me and Katie

Me and Katie

Our group arrived Chengdu on national day so we celabrated it here in the city center. Fireworks were up in the sky and loads of people waiting for the big event. After the fireworks people were trying to catch a bus or a taxi if ur eveb lucky enough. As I said earlier yesterday I went to see the buddah and today is mid autumn day were people celabrate with eating moon cake. Tomorrow we meet our new group for the pandas. Not impressed with how realgap is answeing my questions, but i'll live. Because I am happy to have met some nice and interresting people. I really enjoyed my last train, it was the best one yet. Hope people will stay in touch as I am wondering how their future will become as for me as well.

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The Giant Buddha

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Belly Buddha

Belly Buddha

Yesterday I went from Chengdu to Leshan to see the Giant Buddha, of course by myself. I waited in the line for maybe over 3 hours to see it. In China there is no such thing as a personal space, people pushing you everywhere, but well worth to see it. Don't think I will go back and see it, this is like once in a lifetime. Also here I met a couple, she was from Australia and he was from Germany. They told me about their travels and how i envy that. As for China I don't know when i'll be back but I will some day.

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a few days

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At The Terracotta

At The Terracotta

The train from Zhongwei to Xian looked pretty horrible, but it was fine cuz I slept most of the time. Xian is probably the best city so far, a little bit busy but that is what I am used to I guess since I live in Oslo, but Xian has more population. We also went to the Terracotta Warriors, that was amazing still a lot of people. We met some other tourist, talked with them for a little while then I fell asleep in the bus. Shopping in the Muslim Quarter was also amazing lots of pretty things and lots of bargaining here. The Great Mosqe was not so great, but the Big Goose Pagoda I enjoyed very much. Our last train from Xian to Chengdu was delayed, we were tired of waiting. But while on the train I had a good time, I played a Chinese card game called fight the landlord and idiot (western card game). I think I spent a little bit over 7 hours of playing cards with people I randomly met on the train, a little bit older man who got really competitive and into the games an other a college student who studied English in Xian, who kinda made me lose the first hand I had in the game of fight with the landlord, that game is so much fun, but who is going to play against me once I get back home? It was nice that I met them cuz it made the time go by fast and I wasn't bored.. Let's see how the days in Chengdu will be.

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Camel Safari

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Today I just got back from my camel safari ride, it was quite fun, really cold at night, but I got to do some stuff like sand sliding, ride a camel and walk around with almost no people around, after being in the city it is nice when you do this kind of trip, different views. Lost my cell phone in the desert but the guide found it for me so that was really nice of him. Of course there is a temple here in Zhongwei, think Katie is tired of being in so many tempels, so I went there by myself. We did sheep skin rafting that was not what I expected it to be, it was nice and quiet. Today we leave for another long train trip 12 hours, but not as long as the first one. I have lost my battery for the camera, that is the worst thing that could ever happen on a trip, I'll try to get a new one when I arrive Xi'an. I'll keep u all updated :)

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tourist sites

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at the Summer Palace

It's my 3rd day in Beijing, so far I've climbed the Great Wall, been in the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Temple of Earth... Tomorrow me and Katie leave for Zhongwei close to the Yellow River and the Tenggerli Desert.
We are taking the train from Beijing it will take us about 24 hours to get there. But before we leave there tomorrow we are going to the Lama Temple which is not that far from the hotel, had a bit of a problem to get to this hotel, but I managed at the end. It wouldn't harm to be here an other extra day, but we have to keep our schedule. Not long for the Pandas now, our group leader is named Jenny, it's good to have her cuz it's really hard if u didn't know any Chinese, luckly the subway system here is pretty easy. As for spending money I have no control over. First of all it is way cheaper than Norway second of all most of it goes to food and tourist stuff, can't wait to go on our camel safari ride in a couple of days :)
There is a lot of walking but it is worth the travel. When you travel with a person here it's better i guess you feel more secure and if you do get lost you're not alone, so far that has not happend.
Facebook is banned here so there is no way I'll be on there.
I will update the next time I have internet, as for pictures you would have to wait till I get home, cuz I don't have the chance to uplaod any, don't think I will be able to use a lot of internet after today.

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Mini Vacation to Tr√łndelag

Visiting friends

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It's been 2 years since I was back in my home town, but I had a great time, meeting a friend I haven't seen in years and her new husband, they just got married when I came, my friend is best friends with her, but we all kind of grew up together. Not a whole lot has changed but I do sometimes miss it, but don't think I could ever move back to a small town where everybody knows everyone and every secret that goes around. After this mini vacation I was thinking about my next big trip and also planning my next big trip, I am super excited to be out in the world traveling. I must be one of the luckiest people in the world, everyone choose their own paths to I this is the path I choose, travel and live the happiest life I can, I hope u will too :)

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Well, I've been back home for almost 3 months now.
It is pretty boring but the weather is amazingly nice so I am glad to be here also to hang out with my friends when I'm not at work. I'll be ready to leave again in September but I wish it was now, also already planning my next trip for next year think it will be good since I am half way on deciding when to leave... Good thing I am used to travel by myself, don't think I could wait for my friends to be out of school for next summer, too long!

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7th time and back at Katies

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So this is my last destination. I leave tomorrow for home, it's actually quite nice here.
I don't have a whole lot to say, but I thank everyone who have helped me during my trip.
Till my next travel :)

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New York City


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So after almost 2 1/2 months in North America, I am pretty tired, it was a nice experience. Not one of my best one, but i'll take it. This time at least I went to Grand Central and saw the UN building. I'm only here for 2 days anyways. Just arrived on Sunday and leaving today. I think 2-3 days here is ok, over a week would be too much.

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Selkirk, MB, Canada

At Kristins

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Me and Kristin

Me and Kristin

It's been fun the 1st week I was here, first in Saskatoon with Heather and Caitlin that I met a year ago. Now I'm at Kristins who I also met a year ago, where you ask, well in Africa where else. Kristin and I went to the Zoo one day because we were bored, but I had quite some fun. It was cold and no one around, so I was a little naughty and climbed over the fences to see the animals more up close, but it was a little dangerous. At the end of 2nd week the weather turned on me. The roads was really bad, so I keep hearing. Today it is kinda sunny though, hope that I will be able to get out of Winnipeg to NYC so that I at least can get home for my flight some how. Yea who knew this trip coud be so stressful, it only is when I get to think about moving around. need a break from that now, it is about time to get out of North America, no offence to anybody.

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Saskatoon, SK, Canada

With Heather and Caitlin

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Well I just arrived yesterday, the weather here is crazy cold. Why did U decide to come up here again?? It`s been ok so far, it is nice to see Heather and Caitlin again, at least I am not sick and in bed anymore. I`ll still be here in Canada for a while i might as well enjoy it. Haven`t seen them for a year now i guess it`s ok, but after this trip i don`t think that i`ll be seeing them a whole lot more, but it would be nice.

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San Diego, CA

With Aja

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Well I arrived San Diego the 24th of Febuary, but most of my time here I had to spend it sick in bed.
My friend Aja took me to Sea World and Disneyland which was really nice of her and it was pretty cool to see it, even though I expected more from Disney. I guess I`m not a kid anymore and have to grow up. But the sad thing I think I never will...

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Marion, NC

I'm Back

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Yes, back to the town of nothing, i just wish that one of my best friends would pick up his phone sometimes or at least txt. Yea that is him in the pic. Well gonna try him again today, gonna try making some plans for people to do here. I think that I'll be leaving on Sunday for San Diego, not quite sure, but I don't want to be staying for long so that people would get tired og me. Hmm...what else is new anyways.

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Melbourne, FL

Anna & Ulf

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Anna & Ulf is a Scandinavian couple that lives in Marion, where I was an exchange student, they are old, but fun. Their children lives in Florida so I have the chance to stay with them. They'll be there for a week then off to Titusville, not sure how long they are going to be there for but I hope for a week as well then back to Marion, cuz I would love to see my friends again. Not sure If I will have the chance to go to Orlando or not, but I'm ok with that, I much rather spend my vacation with friends.

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Valdosta, GA

Meeting Jen

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Jen is one of my friends that I met in Africa, staying with her for a couple of days. I just arrived last night, but I am glad that I got to meet my friends in Marion. Like the last day there I spent it with one of my best friends. Also I met some new people, they are the new group of exchange students and 5 years younger, but that's ok I do have a lot of fun with them. Too bad I didn't take any pics.

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