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Washington DC/ Marion, NC

All Of A Sudden

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I was in NYC on Thursday, a friend of mine in NY had some friends that were going back to DC so I decided to join just like that, was suppose to meet a friend, but that didn't happen so I just went to the bus station to take the next bus to Asheville. But while on the first bus I met someone who we had a friend in common with (talk abuot how little the world really is). After we were waiting for our next bus he asked me if I wanted a lift to Asheville from Charlottesville, my next bus was suppose to go to winston salem, well I felt kinda weired at the beginning, but it turned out ok. Got here... and now I am going to meet up with some friend while I am here, that is if I can get to them.

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New York City

Here I am

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This is my 2nd day here and I have already seen a lot.
-Times Square
-5th Av
-Empire State
-Statue of Liberty
-Central Park (roughly)

I'll figure out some where to go later, but as for now I'm just going to take it slow.

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My 6th time in Englad

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Well, I thought that I wouldn't be back here, well guess what I am.
I am staying with Katie, we are planning a trip to China together.
Met Katie the 2nd time I went to Zimbabwe.
This will be the 1st time I have a travel partner, usually I just travel around by myself, I guess you can say it's less stress.

I arrived on the 20th I will be staying here till the 22nd my b-day :D
All soar and think i need to take some stuff out of my bag.
Leave tomorrow, but I will be back in England in April.

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Just a regular day of volunteering

Walking and playing

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This is what I do almost everyday with the lions, walk them, play with them and of course almost get attacked by them. They will always have that wild instinct so don't forget that they are wild animals and one of the Big Five. Very proud that I have gotten do do this... You should try it to if you're not afraid...

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Victoria Falls 2nd time

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This time was different from last time, didn't travel around Zimbabwe as much as last time and I got to meet new lions.
Sango & Swahili, 11 months old.
Echo & Etosha 17 months old.

I have alredy met these lions the first time when I went to Gweru the breeding center, I was very dissapointed when there had been no lion cubs born in 2008.

Swahili like Lina are very jumpy and moody about people touching them.
On walks with her I have seen her very patient on stalking different kind of animals, from birds to warthog.
Sango almost like Lungile at that age very lazy not too good at hunting or just couln't care less.

Echo & Etosha is and other story, I have been on many lion walks with them and every single time we encountered other species of animals they just do nothing.
One day we saw baboons they just ran back to us, then later on that walk we saw kudus, think Echo saw them first, and they were only about 5 meters from me. Later that month they ran after a warthog about 150 meters away. Several times we've seen baboons on the walks, but they never really did anything but sit there and watch. When my stay was about to end I spent the night with them because there have been some wild lions close to their enclosure and because of that encounter with the wilderness the E's didn't get much sleep, I had no idea that lions snored and at one point when I was sleeping I suddenly woke up and saw Etoshas face next to mine, scared yes, he took me by suprise, that night we could hear all kinds of animals including the wild lions. That same morning on a client walk they caought a baboon, I would like to say that I had something to do with it :)

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Victoria Falls 1st time

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In Victoria Falls Feb 5th 2008 was the first time I ever walked with a lion, it was the most scariest thing I have ever done so far, but I survived. Here I encountered Amandla, Chando & Chabalala (Chabs), they were called the 3AC's.
Amandla was 18 months, Chando & Chabs were 17 months.
There were another sets of Lions called the L's, Lina & Lungile they were 12 months old.
Lungile tured out to be a bad lion but a very skillful hunter as for Lina she already shown that when I was there.

While I was there I got the opertunity to visit the Lion breeding center in Gweru.
Also I got to go to Hwange National Park & Matopo National Park, this is a good opertunity to see different kinds of animals. I went with some other volunteers and at this one place called Miambo have the best cook ever. If you stayed here I don't think you would ever leave.

This trip has it's ups and downs, but mostly I can only remember the ups.
The people here at Masuwe, where the lions stay, are like my 2nd family I really feel like I belong here.

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Sango & Swahili

8 October 2007

Antelope Park, Gweru
4 Months Old Sango

At Masuwe, Victoria Falls
11 Months Old

Name: Sango - Bush
Born: 8th October 2007

Antelope Park, Gweru
4 Months Old Swahili

At Masuwe, Victoria Falls
11 Months Old

Name: Swahili - A Language
Born: 8th October 2007

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Echo & Etosha

12 April 2007

Echo & Etosha
At Antelope Park, Gweru
10 Months Old

At Masuwe, Victoria Falls
17 Months Old

Name: Echo - A Sound of Sounds
Born: 12th of April 2007

At Masuwe, Victoria Falls
17 Months Old turning 18 Months in the picture

Name: Etosha - A National Park in Namibia
Born: 12th of April 2007

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Lina & Lungile

25 January 2007

At Masuwe, Victoria Falls
12 Months Old

Name: Lina - Tender & Lungile - The Good One
Born: 25th of January 2007

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Cando & Chabalala

9 September 2006

At Masuwe, Victoria Falls
18 Months Old

Name: Chando - Cold
Born: 9th of September 2006

At Masuwe, Victoria Falls
18 Months Old

Name: Chabalala (Chabs) - Disappear
Born: 9th of September 2006

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3 August 2006

-17 °C

At Masuwe, Victoria Falls
19 Months Old

Name: Amandla - Power
Born: 3rd of August 2006

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