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right after the US

All my travels has mostly to do with the people I have met during my other travels. I was an exchange student in the US, maybe someone would have figured that out by now. The reason I am in Germany is to be my friend Barbara. Now I can't really remember where I went but I used the very little German I knew to communicate with people.

I arrived the airport very confused, I had to take the bus somewhere then take the train to where Barbara lives, but I missed my train and it only run once an hour so I was stuck in the middle of nowhere and bored. So I got on the train and when I arrived her friend picked me up. most of the days I just wanderd around the city since my friend had classes. I must say I am pretty lucky on my travels


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New York and North Carolina

So I'm back in NYC to be honest it's not my kind of place, I was there for only 5 days and didn't really do much.
Met up with my friend Mieon that I met in Korea and went to a Korean club, clubbing yea not my thing. Few days later an other friend of mine, Jenny, took me to the Korean Spa in New Jersey, I got to eat Korean food again and it was super nice. The next day I said my goodbyes to the city and left for NC.

NC, to be honest I don't really miss it but nice to see the people that I haven't seen in a while. Candace my friend from High School got married, her wedding was just OK. During my stay I got to met up with Sheng a high school friend that I only said hi to in the hallway after 6 years we finally meet, amazing that people can get along like that. I also met up with David who lives 4 hours away from where I stayed, I wouldn't drive that far. But it wa nice for him to come see me. We went to Blue Right Mountain and hung around Asheville, it was a bit nice. I met Naru through Sheng's brother, Naru is Korean and she is getting used to the American customs, apperently she is living the American life, fun to see how that works out. Good Luck to you Naru


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Korea 2nd time this year

with my sister

sunny 30 °C

So Korea again, I must have really liked it here.
My sister went with me this time and it's her first time being outside of Europe.
I met up with the friends that I had made when I was living here but also did more tourist stuff with my sister. We went to the secret garden palace and the kids park close to Keondae university, it was like a zoo there too, I mean it's not a big deal but it kinda was :) We went there for my friends birthday just a regular outing. I think it was a few days later me and my friend took random buses and we ended up somewhere outside of Seoul. We finally decided to get off the bus and of course we were speaking English, suddenly and older man (Ajussi) came up and said in Korean you speak English very well. I was funny for us because I am Asian just not Korean and he though that I was, but since I had studied there I told him that I wasn't Korean and he wanted to buy us ice cream so after that we just called him the ice cream man.


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11 °C

I'm BACK!!
But only for 2 weeks, and so far the first week has been busy but fun. I have eaten all the Korean food I can and it will satisfy me for a while. Ready to start a new country adventure, never thought that I would be bored of Korea but I kinda am and moving on. I have gained just a few more experiences from this trip which will follow me through life also friends that I make for life, no matter where that are I will always care.

My feelings for a country moves on within 6 months especially if I've been there more than twice. Korea is no exception. Next move back to america and south Africa that will be a nice change of scenery. Next years travels plan will come soon enough until then
See u ^^

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Back Home Again


overcast -17 °C

It is 4th of December, it is cold and I want to hide under the cover! Don't care about Christmas, don't really care for holidays just vacations. When can I leave again??? I've been back for what like 3 months now there is no need to be here longer one is the cold second is the darkness third because I am bored. I got a new job in October but they require me to stay for 1 year, I don't really care as long as I get vacation. Next trip goes to Japan this I am pretty sure of but it won't happen until September next year, well at laest I will be able to save enough to go. I am heartbroken >.<

Have to work today but have sunday off so night for now...


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My Mini Vacation

Busan and Udo (Jeju)

sunny 23 °C
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With some classmates from 2nd semester and Deban

With some classmates from 2nd semester and Deban

I took a week off school because I was getting bored. So I just decided to just leave Seoul for almost a week. On this mini trip of mine I took the bus to Busan here I met a girl who was traveling with her friend there, we decided to keep in touch and meet up back in Seoul. I stayed a night in Busan before I decided that I wanted to go to Jeju, with no plan what so ever I just went. On the ferry I met 2 other girls that were traveling alone one was Korean the other one English also an other guy from England, we all were traveling with not plan for a few days in Jeju. The guy and I decided to make a plan to travel back to Seoul together that Friday by plane. I decided to go to Udo a little Island outside Jeju, but still Jeju. So it was me and the Korean girl traveling together, think I would have been lost without her. It was a little bit annoying but I managed had fun at least. The place I stayed at here in Udo was very nice the Ajussi talks a little bit of English and it was fun. It was a bit sad to leave Udo but I'm sure I'll be back there some day. Ad for Jeju the main Island I will visit and see more later.

Came back to Seoul on the 1st of June or was it the 2nd? Anyways went back to school when it was a week left it was ok but i needed it to be over. Now the real vacation tarted but it was only for 10 days i was sick for a few days but it was fine then on the 26th i think school started again and a new semester started met new people, came late to class every day. In the beginning I felt like I knew a lot because I took an easier level but I was fun. The 2nd semester ended on the 2nd of september but I had a lot more fun now than my first, why well i met Deban one of my good friends in Korea but actually is from Texas also Yeong Hwan that I met when I first came to Korea and did not speak Korean at all. Oh and Hope I cannot forget her she is my friend but I have never met anyone who complained that much! When me and Deban meet up we become the meanest people in the world, we d bully Hope and other people but we connect on another level than normal people do but then again what is normal?
We once in Seoul took Line 2 all the way around not sure how long it took because I fell asleep, we went to Bucheon for no reason but ended up buying a whole lot of crap, we went to Noraebang and she and Yeong Hwan would drink and I would halfway transalate to Deban what he was saying. Hope would some times come but she is a party pooper. We also climbed the mountain behind the school it was so worth it the view is nice there we met an ajumma, well I talked to her even though my korean is poor, she said it was good, then for some reason she told me not to marry a Korean guy I am beginning to think she is right. Deban was curious, why not she asked me then I told her I didn't know what the ajumma said i just nodded and smiled...haha so funny when I think about it.

When school ended I was in Korea for one more week lived at Deban's new place it was horrible almost dying of the heat, never go to Korea in July damn hot and damp, don't say I didn't warn you! If you ever live in Korea be sure that you will get drama no matter what. The ajumma was right in the end it will be painful in the end when you date a Korean guy or any Koreans for that matter. As for my trip to Korea ends here.

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Up Until Now

26th of May

semi-overcast 15 °C

The weather is up an down, from sun to rain, from hot to cold.
The semester of school is almost over and I am a bit tired of it, good thing one semester is only for 10 weeks. There is no way I could be back in school full time. I know I am not fit for it. But it is a bit fun sometimes! Hm...what have I done since last time, well i use my weekends to try to go to a park of see places because it is better to do something rather than noting. can't wait for summer vacation which is only for 10 days but at least travel a little again! Yea not much has been going on since then.

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29-30 of March

Lost (kinda)

15 °C

Today I was gonna go to the Korean Laguage Institute office but I couldn't really find it. First of all I went into the wrong buildng, I went into the foregin language institute building but it was a good thing that it was only like 100m away. I start the course at level 1 as for the others that know much more than I do have to take a placement test. Their homepage for info is somewhat good. I still have some questions to ask but I guess that can wait until our oriontation, that is when everybody knows where to go. People that have been here a while I feel like are more superior, because they know when, where and how. But that will all fall into place, all you have to do is ask, you can't just stand there and watch. Well right now there is nothing I rather do than just start I'm tired of just hanging around.

On Monday the 29th I went for lunch/dinner, it was nice because I have been a vegitarian for like 3 days, I have no idea how the vegitarians do it, don't think I could go any longer without meat. There is a kitchen here but as I probably said before I'm too lazy to go down to the floor where the kitchen is.

Tuesday 30th, I went to the market, there were so much clothes, shoes and other stuff that I would be crazy not to buy. I don't have any room in my suitcase, plus I've only been here for like a week. Went for food shopping as well, but don't think I got enough, and as for cash I deffinitivly need some more, I've only been walking in Sicheon but is still big and no idea where I'm going but it's still kinda fun. The campus area is HUGE, there is a shuttle bus going around just for people to get to the right building, but I am glad that the dorm is soo close to the KLI building. Didn't take pics of the campus yet, but I am here for like 6 months so I'll see enough of it. For sure I am no longer in Oslo!!

Tomorrow I'll be going to the class meeting to see which class I'll be in, hope the people are nice or at least talketive. I would either be bored or just be active in the class for myself, but ah well. Usaually when I'm by myself I become talketive to other people, but this time I feel like it's different, i'm here to settle down (well for 6 months) so i feel like I have to observe what the people are like, it worries me yet not really.

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28th of March

The 7th floor

sunny 4 °C
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I live on the 7th floor, which is the top floor.
Here there is a lounge, the reason I went into that room was to get water because there is a water purifier there.
But as I went in it was trash and messy every where, i mean come on it is a public area and the last thing is that on this floor it's all girls. I know I'm messy but in my own areas and not trash and not in public. I would be embarrassed.
I'm in my room at the moment and too lazy to go out because it is nice and warm and the sun is right out front my window, have to buy food later as well but it's on floor B2 which is 8 floors down and it takes a while before the elevator/lift gets don't there.

I didn't realize that the campus area was so big as well and there are a couple of uni around. But then again there are around 10 million people in this city. Oslo is not comparable to Seoul, this is just the capitals not even thinking about county wise. What about Japan? I was looking at the world atlas and facts that were in it before I left home, the atlas was published by the times but not sure whcih year, but anyhow Tokyo was the largest capital of population beating NYC, Washington DC, Bejing etc... yes the largest with 20 million people, double the population of seoul. But the world is not so big really, people always have a connection with other people anywhere in the world and there is always something in common.

My room mate went out yesterday and haven't come back yet. Hope she's ok and not lost in Seoul, well at least she knows the language. She was going to see a friend in Bokjeong it is quite far from here. I'm glad I have my ipod touch with me and all the apps that I downloaded before I left home, it is quite helpful with the subway map, which bus to take to get some where. But I'm sure I'll get lost for maybe 15 min, I always do when I'm new. I am used to it now.

What to do on a Sunday though??
Friends...not so many yet but I don't really care, just want things to start.
Might take cooking class at the uni with the language program, maybe at least then I don't have to buy food. Hmm, or maybe I do. We'll see, think it'll be fun whatever after school activeties I choose.

I just read on my mobile networks homepage that in South Korea and Japan you have to rent a phone to use their network or fill out a registration form to get a local number. I should have read that before I left. But luckily I know someone who knows someone here to help me with that, I don't need it right now, but it would be nice since I am staying here a while. Maybe I should do some more reaserch, I should have done it when I was home in Norway but I'll survive just takes it as it comes, no need to stress about things.

I'm glad that I didn't bring too much stuff, my side of the room would be horrile but I didn't have a choice on minimizing my suitcase and bag, KLM only allowed me with 20kg to check in and 10 for overhead cabin.

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27th of March

The start of my stay

semi-overcast 7 °C
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Today I woke up looked at my watch and it was 12ish, the only problem is I forgot to set my watch into the Korean timezone so it was 8ish in the moring. I though that I would get more sleep but of course not. Yesterday when I arrived I was really lazy and not doing much, it's probsbly going to be the same today. My body just aches all over, fist of all heavy lugage, second slept wrong on the flight over and third heavy lugage.

Plans for today.... buy food and sleep
not a suprise for people who really know me.
The internet is unreliable, wifi or with the cable.
There is damp on the window which turn into water and the floor is "soaked" with one little puddle.
But this is the view from my room.

The view from my dorm room

The view from my dorm room

don't mind it at all

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Seoul, South Korea

25th of March: Departure for Seoul 26th of March: Arrival in Seoul

semi-overcast 5 °C
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Bus Timetable (Seoul)

Bus Timetable (Seoul)

When I woke up the morning of the 25th and 2 hours before I had to leave I wasn't feeling too well. When I left home to take the subway to the train station it took me 30 minutes to arrive there. Never will I travel with heavy bagage again even though it was just 1 suit case, 1 bag and 1 backpack. in total of weight it was over 30kg. While I was waiting for my flight to Amsterdam i fell asleep for an hour, only got 3-4 hours of sleep before I left.

On the flight from Amsterdam to Seoul I was hungry all the time, the crew came right in time to feed me. It remided me of my trip to Africa where I sat next to a man and he gave me his dessert. On my flight to China I couldn't sleep so I had my scarf over my head, a man saw that and gave me a sleeping thing to cover your eyes with. Yes I know a sleeping thing, I don't really know the name of it.

I didn't have any problems on getting here, but there are things I need to do. Like take out cash and buy a phone or a sim card, which ever one is the easiest. I met my room mate today. Her nickname is Ple and she's from Thailand. She does not speek English and I don't speek Thai or Korean yet, but we try and I do get along with her. I rather have her as my room mate then some of the others here. Still trying to figure out some stuff don't think my brain has settled that I'm gone away from home.

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Staying with Ilse

rain 3 °C



Not sure what it is but I though it was cool.

It's been a 2 years since I last saw Ilse, it was nice to see her again and 4 days in Amsterdam in enough to kinda see it all. Just like always, just figure out where you want to go when your by yourself. But I got to do maybe 5 of 10 top things to do from my guide book which is pretty good I think for 4 days (not even)

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Hong Kong


sunny 25 °C
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Hong Kong Tram

Hong Kong Tram

Just a few days in HK, but the shopping is great here. Not a whole lot to see for me cuz I feel like I have done it all by traveling around China. Just really ready to go home, I will regret it when I actually am home, but I am just excited for my next trip.

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Touch Of The Panda

first whole day

rain 20 °C

Xi Xi is the only female panda that I am taking care of and today I got to pet her back. Yesterday was amazing seeing the pandas for the first time and today I touched one, feeding them is always fun but Mei Shen is the young male, 8 years old and he ate pretty slow but starting to catch up. Seems like those two are the lazy pandas but who can tell when you have just one look at them, I think Xi Xi is even more lazy. Today I found her sleeping inside while the other two was outside, if I call them they would come in, but only because they think that they are getting fed. They always seem to eat. Cleaning was not as bad, getting more and more used to it, but it will take me a bit longer when Marie leaves. Our keeper doesn't speak any English, well we got a few phrases: Let's go, bamboo, ok and more. I think we are getting there but I don't really mind he seems like a cool guy.

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The Panda Research Program



I've been here at the panda base for a day and it is a panda life, we just sit and watch them eat after that we sit and relax, but most of the time it is boring. Seems like the other volunteers have more to do than us (me and Marie). I guess they have baby pandas and more tourist than we do, but I am fine with not haveing any tourist cuz I am not a baby sitter, well only for the pandas. The program used to be at Wolong but after the earthquake they moved it here and it is quite far away. I have 3 pandas that I take care of, I will give you an introduction later.

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